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land-clearing-bodyAt Strobert Land Clearing PA we provide our clients with a reliable cost effective way to clear your land quickly and properly. We are proud that our most important assets are our land clearing operators.

Using of our specialized industry specific clearing equipment, our well trained land clearing experts, maximize production while we maintain an EMR rating of .87.

Our project managers have all been operating in the lot and land clearing industry for most of their careers. Strobert Land Clearing Services Pennsylvania, utilizes a team of heavy equipment service operators that work directly with our equipment technicians utilizing the most up to date equipment management software to assure our machines are always operating at peak performance.

We are fully equipped with the most state of the art equipment to handle all of your lot and land clearing needs. Whether doing new construction, renovations, or clearing for pasture, our teams of experienced woodsmen make small or large jobs run efficiently giving us the ability to always keep a competitive edge.

Complete Land Clearing and Grubbing in Pennsylvania
Strobert Land Clearing PA eliminates all trees and underbrush, dig out the stumps and roots, handle all the material on site, and will stockpile, spread or remove the processed material depending on the client’s request. We are proud to say that we have a 100% recycling rate. Stumps can be ground down to grade level if called for in the “scope of work”.

Affordable Pricing – Timber Harvesting PA
Land clearing prices will almost always be on the mind of companies and local government organizations that are seeking to have a plot of land cleared. Only the most professional tree harvesting PA companies will be able to offer their customers affordable land clearing prices without giving them reason to worry about the quality. A great land clearing cost per acre could do more than just allow a client to save money. Affordable land clearing prices could also allow them to do more with the land they want to develop in the long run.

Any organization that is deciding on a company for timber harvesting PA will want to make sure that they find the lowest cost to clear land. Timber harvesting prices and land clearing cost will always factor into any decision, whether it is a government entity, a private corporation or an individual citizen making the decision. The company with the lowest timber harvesting prices that can provide the most reasonable land clearing cost per acre can be a big help to anyone looking for the best service for timber harvesting Pennsylvania.

Flail Mowing PA
Strobert land Clearing Operations can process large and small trees with a single low ground pressure machine that “mulches” the tree in place leaving the forest floor undisturbed. This is very useful when dealing with line of sight or interference problems where soil disturbance is unwanted.

A flail mower is a type of powered garden/agricultural equipment, which is used to deal with heavier grass/scrub which a normal lawn mower could not cope with.

Land Clearing Equipment Pennsylvania
Strobert Land Clearing Operations prides itself in the quality and diversity of its heavy equipment, both owned and operated. We believe that only quality work can be provided using clean, safe, and well-maintained equipment.

Furthermore, Strobert Land Clearing Operations has created and tailored specialized attachments in order to meet the challenging issues faced on clearing in wet conditions and on slopes in close proximity to moving traffic or utilities.

Strobert Land Clearing Operations has extensive knowledge and time invested in working and conducting operations on environmentally impacted sites where cross contamination is a major concern.

We also offer Brush Mowing PA and Tree Removal PA and Right of Way Clearing PA

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